Bikers We’ve Met on the Road

We met these guys on our first day in Mexico. The first guy is Pat from Pennsylvania and that’s his friend who, unfortunately, I wasn’t formally introduced to and didn’t catch his name. They pulled up to us in a gas station to say hi and were super nice; they make a trip like this every year it seems, just touring around Mexico.

This is Ingol. At least, I think thats what he said his name was. If you’re reading this and its not, well, I’m embarassed. But I probably had earplugs in. And you have a charming German accent which made it more challenging for me.  Anyhow, he’s on his way to Guadalajara to meet a friend and then off to Oaxaca to learn spanish. Also a nice dude that we met at a gas station.

This is David – we met him guessed it- a gas station outside of Arriaga, Mexico. Also a nice guy! He’s just going all over the place after he sold his dairy farm in Wisconsin a few years back.  That sweet belt buckle has a giant D on it. We had espresso together at the Italian Cafe. Italian Cafe is a chain of espresso bars at some of the gas stations and it has very comfy chairs and delicious muffins. David has a website: He also thought my bike was great, so I give him props for a good eye.

These two beautiful ladies are Janice and Pauline.  They’re from Ireland, and last year flew to Santiago with very little riding experience, bought bikes and started their adventure.  They’re in Ecuador now and headed for the Galapagos. Too Cool.

This is Pablo and his bike, Margarita, from Costa Rica- the perfect way to get around town.  I got a ride home on the back along the beach – its how life should be.

This is Raul and Caroline – two awesome Chileans on their way to Cusco. We stopped at a stand and shared a soda.


10 responses to “Bikers We’ve Met on the Road

  1. Jerry Walter

    Glad to see you have met others on the road. I am sure you share war stories. What is “props for a good eye”…sorry not familiar with that?

  2. Drhampto

    Hey Mikey/Heather – Glad alls well and to see that there have been so few hitchs that have slowed the adventure..great narratives to keep us “seat heaters” involved and even better pics. Still hoping to see you all in BA. May the “FUNKY SWAY” be your guide til then. OBTW: “props for the good eye” recognition of his spotting/acknowledging a cool bike.

    • Props from the Good Doctor Hampto! How can it get any better?? Many thanks and damn, I would love for you to see where we are right now…but best I can do is try to write it up and toss in some photos. You’ve already divined, I’m sure, that the Heather posts are the “Premium” vs my “Regular”, but with only a little knockin’ maybe I’ll get by…

  3. Carol LeBlanc

    I am really enjoying following you and Heather on your trip, Mike. You look like you’re having a blast!

  4. Bob P.

    Mike, I’ve enjoyed the updates with envy. Glad to hear that you are both safe.
    You’re living the dream Dude. Snow today 3/14 in SF and LA… You aren’t missing a thing. Looking forward to your updated from Bolivia and Chile.
    Take Care, Bob

    • Mike

      Thanks, Bob — we’re in Peru at the moment, in a town called “Trujillo”. Rode through one hellova desert yesterday to get here. I didn’t know much about Peru, but it’s an amazing (big) place! be safe, have fun — mr

  5. Melba & Tom Knowlton

    Well, it sure is exciting to be able to share in your adventure. We can’t hardly believe that it is possible to communicate with you two,let alone see pictures. Guess that’s technology in todays world. We’re sure glad that you’re safe and healthy and hope you stay that way . Mom says to tell you that you are in her prayers. Me too. It does seem true, that you are living a dream and it can be said that we can live it too, because of this internet tech. The weather’s warming up and starting to feel like spring. Uncle Clyde was a motorcycle tourer at on time, and I’ll bet he’d be envious. God speed to you both and everyone you encounter. Sincerly, Tom

    • Thnx! Didn’t Clyde ride a Cushman Husky? I seem to remember riding on the back of it. Maybe my first motorized, two-wheel “adventure”. No helmets, no riding gear, just get on and go!

  6. Pat McFarland

    Mike and Heather,
    This is Pat we met your first day in mexico.just found your blog .Hope your a having a good trip.

    • heathermikael

      Hey Pat! It’s great to hear from you! I hope you two had fun in Mexico- we would love to get the chance to go back some day! Thanks for your warm wishes!



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