Getting ready for this trip, we’ve run into lots of useful sites — and the most interesting sites are others who are already on the road, or getting ready, or are between trips (nobody seems to say “back home” much). Here are a few sites we’ve found fun, interesting, and/or useful:

Horizons Unlimited

Adventure Rider Forum

Tiffany Coates (Where’s Tiffany?)

Randy is a Nomad

Two Swedish Guys in South America

BMW Service, Medellin, Colombia

GREAT Blog, Two Gents, Similar Trip

Great Tango…and translation


2 responses to “Links

  1. Hey,

    Just came back from Peru since October working down there. Glad that you are doing wonderful thinking that you are riding to fast. Do you want to catch Chile and Argentina in winter?, be ready, its going to be cold and windy down in patagonia. Try to stay in the warmer side. Jungle !!!
    (A Chilean advice).
    Where I can see more pictures of your trip?

    Enjoy the ride

    • heathermikael

      Hey Gaston- We’d love to ride slower, but time is not on our side! So we’ll take what we can get, warm or cold 🙂 Thanks for the advice! We’ve just loaded more pictures on the flckr page which you can grab the link on the right of the page.

      Take care!


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