Where are we NOW ?

This used to be an active page, but not so much anymore.  We are mostly in Santiago, but will use the Spot from time to time.  It worked Great!

You can find us at:
here, on the Spot map.



15 responses to “Where are we NOW ?

  1. Jerry Vogt

    How Cool. Been to most of the countries you will be passing through. Looking forward to following your trip. Walter Cate has been keeping me up on what you are up to and he sent me the info on your site. If you don’t mind me saying so, you are still the best boss I ever had.

  2. Christa

    Bravo Mike and Heather. Today is Hero’s day on Cayman Brac and I’m celebrating you two as my heros.

  3. Bill W

    Oops looks like you got a little off course today. in Monterrey Mexico You 2 needed me and my Harley to help keep you on the southerly course.

  4. Peter

    How’s the trip going Heather? I’ve been following your blog. You’re a very good writer—concise! Good luck and keep posting.

  5. Rafa S

    Nice milage today! Have a safe ride – See you soon

  6. Alfonso

    Hi Guys,

    I also know the manager at the BMW shop in Cordoba, in case you need parts or a tune-up.

    Below is a good blog with lots of info, if you are interested. Safe riding.



  7. Jerry Walter

    Watching your travel using SPOT..long trip on 28th….looks like you did well today also. Continue to be safe. Looking forward to your updates.

  8. Frank Salaman

    Hiya Mike – I’m checking your posts and looking forward to your entries. Be safe and enjoy !

  9. Joan

    Wooo! Congrats on getting away on this fantastic ride! Matt at Boxerworks gave you a shout so now you have a few hundred more armchair bikers with you along for the ride. 😀 Carry On!

  10. Jerry Walter

    Really enjoying all your updates. Your writing capabilities keep me reading further. Pictures at Fliker are great, wish we had more info on them but I am sure down the road you might. I want the plans for the Locomotive Smoker! Keep riding with your eyes straight ahead and avoid those potholes, more to come.

    • Caroline

      Heather your writing is superb – I look forward to a book! Best wishes, Caroline – and oh yes, your Dad is off to Chile – sounds great – all the very best to you x

  11. Jerry Walter

    Those pics are getting better and better..CR time looked like all had a great time. Panama looks to give you some awesome pics. Thanks for allowing all of us to ride along during this once in a lifetime adventure.

  12. Hayley DuMond

    Hi Heather! I met you yesterday at Santa Fe BMW. Great blog! Keith & I wish you & your Dad well on your Santiago move. I hope you got your new 800GS! It suited you. I know it’s sad to let go of your 650. I’m going to miss mine, too. I’ve got a buyer for her when I get back to LA. A good home. I look forward to seeing & hearing of your future rides. Enjoy the journey!!

    • heathermikael

      Hayley I’m do disappointed I couldn’t turn you into my local riding friend! It was great to meet you though, and I’m glad you found a good home for your girl. I hope you and Keith made it back to LA safe and sound and are ready for your next adventure. Do know that if you ever decide to come down to Chile or back to Santa Fe, you’ve got open arms to welcome you and a home to stay!


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